4 Tips to Ensure Successful Teamwork While Working Remotely

03 Jun 2020

Working as team, especially given the current economic and social climate as a result of COVID-19 associated lockdowns, is more important than ever. Coordinating and executing with your team remotely – using video calling or project-management tools – can be tricky, but there are ways to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks. Here are 4 key tips to ensuring that your team stays on track.

Clear communication

It goes without saying that communication is the most important aspect that’ll contribute to any team’s success. Whether you’re sitting next to each other or communicating across the world, having a clear and concise communication strategy and a single channel is key in order to achieve cohesion. Also identify what tools should be used for passing information, and which is used for communication – these are two very-different things. For example, utilise email or cloud-storage services like Dropbox to send documents or information, but communicate on those via Skype or a messenger platform. Try to not get the two confused.


Even if team members don’t get along with one another in a personal capacity (not everyone will be the best of friends), they should still show respect to one another. Having the ability to listen, bounce ideas off one another, and resolve conflicts is crucial in setting up a strong team dynamic and culture. Also, every team member should have equal work load and should not try to impute his/her own share of the work to someone else. Additional ways of showing respect to members include arriving to meetings on time, being prepared for the meetings and listening to team members’ ideas even if you don’t agree with them.

Commitment to the cause

A huge problem companies have is the prioritisation of oneself over the company. While it’s important to further one’s career, it should be done within the parameters of helping your company grow too. A good team should understand the direction and vision for the company, while also going the extra mile where possible to enhance the business. However, this does work in both ways as any management must deliver its side of the deal too in order for a team to thrive.


A key element in running a modern, successful business is having the ability to adapt. Even more so emphasised by the economic strain during the coronavirus pandemic, being able to shift your business and team operations quickly is more important than ever. Changing to a remote-work environment, adding new team-members, catering for a new client, adding a new product or service to your arsenal, or requiring teams to generate a diversified output are all examples of this; and having the right platform and tools to allow for this is what makes the difference.

When it comes to having a project which can be flexible to adaptation and easy to communicate, having an internal, custom-built software solution is often best. This will allow your team to embrace change and be future-proofed for any unforeseen circumstances. Ofcourse, developing a custom technology platform ultimately involves an investment of time, money and patience. While it’s neither quick nor easy, a custom platform can ultimately mean the difference between stagnation and growth.

If you’ve been considering having your own software developed and you’re looking for a team that embodies all these essential factors, then you should give My Online Presence a call. Our team is well-versed in the development process and can help anyone make their digital dream a reality!

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