5 Retailers in SA That Accept Bitcoin

04 Nov 2018

Okay – so you spotted the trend before everyone else and you’re now sitting on a sizeable chunk of Bitcoin and you’d like to know where you can spend the stuff. We’ve got a list of five places you can check out if you’ve got some cryptos burning a whole in your proverbial pocket!

Jekyll & hide

They say a leather jacket is one of the most essential pieces of clothing in a guy’s wardrobe – up there with a navy blazer and nuke-proof denim that will last you a lifetime. If you’re going to invest in one, though, you’re going to want to make sure it’s the kind of quality that will last you several decades, and Jekyll & Hide knows about sourcing quality products. Their range includes accessories like wallets, bags, and belts too, but first, check out their leather jackets here!


As consoles have become more and more high-tech, the associated prices have steadily been creeping up, too. Luckily Raru is there to help make sure your gaming and geek-fandom don’t completely break the bank. Besides amazing gaming specials, they’ve been expanding their range a lot lately, from musical instruments and books to household appliances. Check out Raru

Tears animal rescue

Not exactly a retailer, but Tears Animal Rescue do an incredible job with protecting, helping and rehoming dogs across the Western Cape – and the best news: the accept Bitcoin donations. Your digital currency couldn’t go to a better cause than helping out some pooches and felines in need, so if you’re in the spirit of helping and want to do something good with your Bitcoin, check out Tears Animal Rescue.


.Superbalist is one of the best local online fashion retailers, not just because of their variety, but also because of the attention to detail that they pay to curating their stock. They’re on the pulse when it comes to trends, along with the lesser well-known brands that can give you extra bang for your buck. So if you need to some new threads to splurge on, this is the place. Check out Superbalist


One of SA’s biggest retailers luckily accepts BitCoin, making your shopping sprees even easier to pull off. Pretty much positioning themselves as the Amazon of South Africa, there’s little you won’t manage to find in their departments. With Christmas coming up now’s a good time to start browsing Takealot to see if you can nab those ideal gifts for your loved ones. Check out Takealot

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