Is it Time For Your Business to Get an App?

02 Feb 2018

We’re living through the age of everything that once may have been physical now becoming digital. Things like education, social engagement, and consumer interaction are moving more and more onto digital platforms and away from physical spaces. Because of this, a major pitfall for small or conventional, older businesses is failing to make the transition to a digital platform. Luckily MyOnlinePresence streamlines that process by offering solutions to make the move smooth and painless, and we’re going to delve into some of the benefits something like an app can offer.

Apps make you visible at all times

A big problem with a physical space as your only way to do business is that you rely a lot on people either knowing where a company is, or coincidentally being in the same area and coming into contact with the business. An app, on the other hand, means a business is omni-present and is far more likely to be stumbled upon by a critical mass of customers. Everyone is Googling potential service providers for whatever they need on a daily basis, but if a company’s name isn’t going to pop up in their search results because they don’t have a digital presence, it means valuable customer exposure goes lost.

Customer Engagement is now essential

Having a place where a business can communicate with its customers or client base is essential – simply because it’s the new norm. Having something like a Facebook page is a decent start, but it’s that much better to have a proprietary platform where customers can contact the company. This is especially true for business that provide services rather than products, since customers will need a place to not only gain information about the services, but also where they can give valuable feedback.

In-app chat solutions provide you with an instant communication platform with your customers.

It provides another value proposition

A great way to increase customer engagement and adoption of a product or service is by offering something of value on the digital platform. It could be something as simple as an online rewards program, an online booking or purchasing function, or even notification and newsletter content. Anything that gives a customer value they didn’t have before increases the chances that they’ll repeatedly use the app. Ultimately, customers gravitate to whatever provides them with the most value, so maximising the channels where a company can provide value is a massive opportunity.

It sets a company apart

One of the biggest buzzwords when it comes to marketing and product design is ‘differentiation’. Assuming a company is delivering a service or product that already exists, a key element of remaining relevant is differentiating themselves from competitors. An app is an accessible and easy way of doing this, since not all companies will have them readily available. It means that the companies that do have a digital presence have an edge in many senses, all of which results in better likelihood of sustained success.

Anything from small business to individual service providers can benefit from generating an online presence, but it can be a daunting process to kick off. My Online Presence‘s expertise is in creating customised solutions depending on client requirements, so if you’re thinking of taking your company or yourself up a level get in touch with us and let us get you there!

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