The Benefits of Getting Your Business onto the Android Platform

25 Jun 2019

A lot of companies may look at digitisation and establishing an internet presence as simply beginning and ending with getting a conventional website up and running, but that’s becoming less and less true. Being able to reach customers on their smart devices is fast turning into a necessity for any business that wants to maximise its exposure. So – if you decide to reach all the Android users out there, what benefits are in store for you?

The user base continues to increase

Due to decreasing costs of both mobile data infrastructure as well as smartphones being available for less than the average night out, the number of potential customers on Android devices is simply going to keep rising and increasing the eyes that could see any company’s respective app.

Google’s peripheral services offer even more value

Since Android is owned by Google, and the internet giant already has many apps and services in their stable, linking new Android apps to additional services already available through Google is quite easy. This allows the developer to augment the value of the app by incorporating other Google services like Google Maps or Google Assistant straight into their own app – and the more value a customer gets, the more likely they are to stick ton app.

superior user experience

Due to Android’s more accessible customisability, creating an enjoyable user experience is easier and more cost effective than attempting to the same on another mobile operating system, like iOS, for example. This is primarily relevant for industries or product types that lend themselves to innovative app design and functionality to give customers something unique. Achieving that feat is simply easier on Android because of how prevalent the platform is.

Customisation is simple

Of all the mobile operating systems Google’s Android platform is the easiest to customise app functionality on from the development side. Creating an app that has some innovative features or an engaging layout isn’t difficult using the Android Development Kits that are readily available. It’s simply down to the designer and the company’s imagination to devise an app that will encourage users to stick with that particular company.

Wider marketing options

The Google App Store will be the biggest marketplace that prospective customers will use to download your app, but it’s not the only way they’ll be able to find it. Because the Android ecosystem is freer and more collaborative, they could also come across your app on third-party platforms, such as the Amazon App Store or Getjar – meaning the potential pool of customers is higher. Additionally, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tools can be implemented more easily due to Android’s Google connection, meaning normal search activity will lead more people to your app.

When it comes to app usage and design, one of the most important things for companies to consider is ease of design and also the total pool of customers that will be opened up once they have an app running on a particular platform. For both of these factors, the Android platform offers distinct benefits, and if you’re planning on getting an app for your business it should be the first port of call. You might be asking yourself where you would begin even if you wanted to get an app, and the answer to that is simple: the team over at My Online Presence. They’ve got vast experience in helping companies take their leap into the digital space and can advise on and implement a variety of solutions – including Android app creation.

So if you’re itching to take your company up a few notches and establishing your online presence, drop them a message and let them get you up and running!

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