Frequently Asked Questions


Why choose My Online Presence Web Services?

There are hundreds of online businesses doing web development, with most claiming they can build your website or create your web application as cheaply and quickly as possible. But, remember a good quality product takes time to create and you will have to invest some money into the project. Be weary of working with a one-man operator that builds websites in his spare time. While you may pay far less for your website, the proof will be in the pudding and the old adage, “You get what you pay for” will ring true. Do your research before deciding on a company to handle your project. Our clients choose to work with us and stay with us because we offer an outstanding level of service with a personal touch.

Can I register a domain name through My Online Presence?

Yes absolutely! Whether you are en existing hosting or web development client of My Online Presence or not, we offer domain registration to anyone who wants to secure a specific domain. Click here to read about our domain registration services.

How long will it take for my project to be built and completed?

As much as we try to deliver your project to you in a timeous manner, the client often dictates the timeline of a project. Before starting any new project keep in mind that the most common delay in the creation and completion of a new website is waiting for content (in the form of text and images) to be sent to us by the client.

Will we need to have a meeting in connection with the requested product?

Living in a digital world means that we can create a product for you without having to worry about geographical boundaries. In the majority of cases a meeting isn't necessary and most of our projects are generally completed with contact via email, phone or Skype. We place the developed product on a staging (or test site), for you to test and we then liaise with you regularly to discuss the changes and bug fixes so you are 100% happy with your finished product.

What after-sales service do you offer, once my website has been completed?

We fully support all the websites and applications we build. We offer monthly maintenance packages so that your website or product is always up to date with the latest technologies.

Am I tied into My Online Presence for any site maintenance or updates I wish to do once my requested work is completed?

No - once your requested work is completed it belongs to you and you can commission anyone to update it for you - although of course we would like to think that you are happy with our services and will continue to use us for your website maintenance. For security reasons its also advised to choose one supplier and stick to them.

Do I have to keep my website with you forever, or can I move it to another supplier to host it if I wish?

You may move to another web hosting service at any time, once your website/web application has been completed. The new provider must have the necessary support platforms to host your project.

How do I update my website?

There are many different methods that can be used to keep your website updated. The method you choose and the functionality we build into your web application is solely up to you. Of course, we will be happy to advise you on which method will best suit your needs. We can provide an after-sales services which includes occasional changes to a static or simple website or build in an online content management system during the development stage. This will allow you to update individual products/pages/services or particular sections of your website (e.g. company news or a blog) as often as you like.

When can I update my website content?

If the website we have designed for you includes a Content Management System (CMS)) then you can access your administration areas from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. If your website is a smaller website and was designed without using this type of system, and you don't have any html skills, then we can update the website for you.

Is there any training provided with the CMS?

Yes – while the Content Management Systems we build are very easy to use we do run through the administration screens with you during the testing phase.

Will everyone see my website the same?

Yes - your website will look the same across all devices - desktop, laptop, tablets and smartphones. We build responsive websites that respond to the size of the device that you are using.

Can you provide all our web design and hosting services?

Yes – we offer everything you need to keep your website up and running. We can register your domain name, design your website, develop your website, provide your web hosting and offer monthly maintenance to keep your website up to date. Let us manage the entire process for you from start-to-finish.

Do you guarantee that my site will always be available?

Unfortunately web hosting services cannot guarantee 100% uptime. However, we can say that our servers have had a 99.9% uptime for many years. And, in the event that our servers have any problems we do have the necessary backups in place to deal with this issue very speedily and without any damage to your business.

Can I see how many visitors I've had to my website?

Yes - we use Google Analytics, to track where your visitors are coming from and which pages they looked at when visiting your website. This allows you to gain better insight into your business and how you can grow.

How much will a website or web application cost me?

The cost of a website or web application varies depending on the complexity of the project. Speak to us about getting a quote for your project today - we are always conscious of our clients' budgets and can work with you to achieve a product that you are 100% happy with at a price that works for you.

How can I accept credit cards on my website?

There are various methods available to you. We would need to talk to you to establish your requirements and the best method for your company. There are essentially two main methods of accepting credit cards. The first method is where you use your own merchant account and process the card payment yourself and the second method uses an online clearance company. Once you are sure which method you wish to use, we can implement it for you.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Yes - we can redesign your website to retain your company's corporate style or we can redesign to give you a completely new image. Is your website up to date? Let us provide you with a 'free website evaluation' so you know where you stand. If any changes need to be made then we can redesign your website to take advantage of the latest web technologies.

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