We have created a quick, easy and affordable platform to assist small to medium businesses set up an online presence. Users will pay a monthly subscription fee and get access to multiple platforms using one login.Users can import or create entries of their client and/or customer information using our Customer Relationship Management(CRM) tool as well as send SMS and email campaigns to everyone on their database.They will be able to create and update their own state of the art personal or professional websites using our drag-and-drop website builder. Year completed: Ongoing.

COMING SOON: Our system is easy-peasy! You know you will never hear the end of it if you have to ask your IT friend to help you out with another IT question… We know that too! That is why we have designed a system that allows you to make simple choices. In fact, choosing the colour scheme is probably the hardest part! Promise!

  • Create your own website using our CMS – It’s simple!
  • Manage your information and diary with our CRM system – It’s smart!
  • Create campaigns and send SMS and emails to all your clients – It’s paperless!

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