Maneli Pets

Maneli Pets is a specialist manufacturer of premium quality foods and treats for the global pet market. From their world-class production facility in Johannesburg, South Africa, they source the finest proteins and most wholesome ingredients from across the African continent, and process and package them locally to share with the rest of the world, in the form of game and ostrich by-products such as bones, tendons, organs and meat. Pets are increasingly demonstrating intolerances to traditional protein and the pet food category is shifting away from conventional, mass-produced products to purer, more exotic and beneficial proteins for domestic animals. What better place to source these novel proteins than Africa? Year completed: 2017.

Maneli Pets is one of the companies under the Maneli Group umbrella. We built a fully responsive one-page website that matches their branding and colour scheme. The website displays information about the company’s story, their promise, and the premium pet food and treats they supply. You can partner with Maneli Pets or just contact them by visiting their website. Maneli Group, Maneli Foods and Maneli Commodities.

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