We love building products for our awesome clients most days, but sometimes we like building our own stuff too.

LoanCompare enables you to submit your entire home loan application online. Anytime. Anywhere. Our aim is to make a home loan application as efficient and transparent as possible, thereby delivering an exceptional user experience and you will be updated throughout the entire process. Fortunately, you only have to do this once, and, it's FREE!

COMING SOON - Our system is Easy Peasy- you know you’ll never hear the end of it if you have to ask your IT friend to help you out with another IT question. We know that too! That is why we’ve designed a system that allows you to make simple choices. In fact, choosing the colour scheme is probably the hardest part! Promise!

  • Create your own website using our CMS – It’s Simple!
  • Manage your information and diary with our CRM system – It’s Smart!
  • Create campaigns and send SMS and E-mails to all your clients – It’s Paperless!

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Since 2013 My Online Presence has been helping businesses, big and small, create and maintain their own online presence in a quick, easy and affordable way. But don’t just take our word for it; click through to our portfolio of previous work and see for yourself.