My Online Presence specialises in delivering outstanding service and we strive to build long-term relationships with each one of our clients. We want to work with you to ensure that your customers love your brand, your employees are proud of their digital strategies, and of course, your business delivers great results. We can offer you expert advice on design, web development, user experience, and product development to take your brand to the next level. Upon project completion our clients are given a customised product that meets all the requirements requested.

What we do

We offer our clients a simple and no-fuss way to create an online presence they can be proud of. We offer a wide range of services to suit your brand's needs including website design and development, custom Content Management Systems (CMS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, e-Commerce solutions, intranet systems, USSD and SMS services, domain registration and website hosting.

How we do it

We want to help you grow your business and work with you to build an online brand that is professional and that works for your business. We do this by offering a wide range of customisable services that are easy to implement in your business. When creating and building an online presence for our clients, we always seek to improve the vision, mission and experience people have online. We focus our attention on enhancing your business' image and brand through key factors such as design, accessibility, performance and of course, measurable conversions of all your digital campaigns.

A unique approach

We're experts at creating successful online brands and believe that planning is key. Before we begin work on your new online presence, we first sit with you to discuss your digital strategy and vision for your business. With this in mind we then collaborate with you to build an online solution that best fits your vision and delivers measurable results for your business. Our unique customer experience approach is designed to ensure that our clients are able to take their product from concept to success with a vision and implementation that is on point. You can count on our honesty, friendliness, and professionalism on every project.

To help you achieve this we offer the following services:

Custom Content Management Systems

We can help you determine whether or not your business needs a CMS or a static web solution. While a static solution is more affordable to develop, it won't allow you to update or make changes to your own site or system and you will need technical assistance to do so. A CMS back-end system built into your website will allow you to make use of a user-friendly editor to easily update your website and information whenever you need to. We have built our own in-house CMS with our clients in mind. This customised CMS allows our clients to maintain their own websites and keep their clients updated at all times. Of course, if you are unsure of how to use this system we will offer training services to help you learn quickly and hassle free.

Customer Relationship Management Systems

Speak to us about developing a customised CRM to suit your company's needs. When developed correctly a CRM can be a powerful tool for any business. A customised system can assist you and your staff with compiling information from a range of different sources and channels including company websites, telephone records, email, live chat, marketing materials, social media, and so much more. In short, it's like a Rolodex on steroids and once you have consolidated all your customer information you can then automate various workflow processes, such as tasks, calendars and alerts. We also offer the option to include marketing automation, to send relevant information to your clients or prospective clients. Our custom CRMs can ensure that you never drop the ball on a lead again or lose a valuable client's details.

Custom Development

We can create a website or web solution that works exactly the way you need it to. Our custom developed websites and web applications offer our clients excellent usability and are tailor made for their business. We pride ourselves on giving our customers long-term solutions for their business and brand. What's more, these systems can also easily be upgraded or changed as web trends develop or as your business grows. The My Online Presence team uses the latest web technologies and standards to build functional websites and web applications that are easy-to-use and highly relevant to the way you work.

Responsive Design

My Online Presence offers new website design as well as re-design services. Whether you want to create a website from scratch or want a makeover for your existing website, we can help create a design that best reflects your brand. We specialise in creating beautiful design that is not only clean, fresh, modern, easy to navigate, and exciting but that will also help you increase sales and add real value to your business. When designing our clients' websites, we use Responsive web design that maximises readability on any device and allows your users to easily navigate your website and find the information they are looking for. From mobile phones and tablets to larger devices, such as laptops and desktop computers, we offer you one website that is optimised for multiple devices cutting out the need to have to pay extra for a website as well as a mobile site.


Before you get started on your dream website, CRM, CMS or any other project we advise that you take advantage of our expert consulting services. During this process we analyse your current use of information technology systems to pin point what exactly your business needs to reach its goals. We can help you make the right decisions for your business and figure out if you need a new website, a better optimised CRM, or a complete online presence overhaul.

eCommerce Systems

Instead of using existing platforms, My Online Presence develops custom, highly advanced, user-friendly e-Commerce solutions for our clients. Whether you're selling products or subscription based services, or renting accommodation or goods, an e-Commerce website is essential to boosting your business. We can create a custom solution to suit your business needs complete with clear, concise information and product descriptions, as well as user-friendly shopping carts, checkout features and a payment gateway to ensure safe shopping for you and your clients. Even if you're selling only one key product or up to 100 items in a single transaction, you can manage you own stock and keep track of your income in one place. And, with your custom built My Online Presence e-Commerce system there's no need to pay extra for plug-ins or other add-ons later down the line as your online business can develop with you over time.

USSD Campaigns

My Online Presence's USSD services enable our clients to reach and interact with their customers in a low-cost, low-maintenance and high reach manner. USSD is available to users on any network, without any data dependencies (removed SIM card) and can offer an extremely effective way to target customers of a lower LSM ( Living Standards Measure). USSD can also reach anyone, no matter how remotely they are located or what type of cellphone they have. It can be used for everything from prepaid top-ups and brand promotions to mobile banking, financial services, directory services and more.

SMS Campaigns

Our SMS services can help you manage and communicate with your client base in an easy and effective manner. We provide solutions to clients to send and receive single and bulk SMS messages through a secure network. Using this easy-to-use service our clients are able to communicate with clients in their existing database to do everything from creating automatic appointment reminders to customer notifications and more, thereby eliminating the need for unnecessary user interaction and increased man power. A customised SMS service can save you and your business time spent on admin work and make it easier to manage client communication. We offer a variety of SMS solutions including bulk SMS, premium rated SMS, and custom SMS integrations into website and intranet solutions. Our clients find that using SMS is an affordable and highly effective way of communicating with their target market as it allows you to reach a large amount of people without a huge budget spend and access those people anywhere and any time.

Domain Registration

Having a domain name ensures the future and the integrity of your brand. We believe it should be the first thing you do before starting any new business venture. A unique, catchy, and easy-to-read domain name is the first step in building your online presence and is key to helping your customers and clients find you online. We charge R150 a year for a “” domain and R220 a year for a “.com” domain. Contact us for any other enquiries or to find out more about registering a .”org”, “.net”, “.capetown”, “.joburg”, “.durban” or any other top level domain (TLD).

Hosting Services

My Online Presence offers a wide range of hosting packages for our clients, all of which can be customised to suit your hosting needs. We discuss hosting needs with all our custom development clients to find a solution that best suits their business. My Online Presence clients are hosted on top quality servers which boast the latest in server hardware. These servers are housed in a state-of-the-art, restricted access data centre offering everything you'd expect from a host service including daily back-ups, UPS and generator power backups, and round-the-clock security. This excellent hosting service will put your mind at ease and allow you to continue to grow your online presence with the knowledge that your data is secure.

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